Workshop: Clowning Beyond the Stage
10:00 AM10:00

Workshop: Clowning Beyond the Stage

This workshop introduces the basics of the clown persona from a theatrical approach. Participants will work on their individual vulnerability and sense of joyful curiosity, engage in exercises focused in relational clowning, and develop the imagination/sense of play/fun. These ideas will then be be explored through the lens of hospital clown work where the patient becomes the protagonist. 

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Auditions! — Pediatric Healthcare Clown Doctor (Humorologist)
6:00 PM18:00

Auditions! — Pediatric Healthcare Clown Doctor (Humorologist)

Humorology Atlanta, HA! is looking for skilled professional performers to join our Pediatric Clown Team. You need not be a clown or circus performer to apply (but if you are, that is great!) We are seeking artists skilled in music, physical comedy, puppetry, improvisation, juggling/object manipulation, mime, clown, magic etc. Fluency in Spanish is a plus. This is a permanent, paid, part-time, year-round position. Shifts are during daytime hours and all work is done with a partner. This position requires the performer to make meaningful connections with patients at their bedside through the performance of bits, lazzi, and spontaneous wackiness.   

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Say HA! - A Clown Cabaret
7:00 PM19:00

Say HA! - A Clown Cabaret

Come laugh and play with our Humorologists at this one night only event!  
Get your tickets here or make a donation in lieu of attendance

Witness all the awesomeness of Dr. tiny, Dr. CloFlo, Dr. TBD, Dr. Doohickey, Dr. O.K. Dokey, Dr. Knottwright, Dr. Gizmo, Dr. Squeeze, Dr. Me Me, Dr. Noobie and Dr. Steph O’ Scope as they perform, in their human form, some of the great skills that got them on the team. 
Disclaimer: Cabaret may cause uncontrollable laughter and joy without measure.
Adult beverage tickets available for additional donation at time of reservation.
Beverages will also be available for cash donation on the day of the event.
Light snacks on us!

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Pi(e) Day!
6:00 PM18:00

Pi(e) Day!

On March 14th (3.14) from 6pm-8:30pm, we'll be celebrating Pi(e) Day! Join us at the Fellini's in Candler Park or from your house (via Facebook LIVE) to see which clowns get Pi(ed) in the Face! 

Who will it be? Will it be Dr. tiny, Dr, Steph O'Scope, Dr. DooHickey or Dr. OK Dokey?

Make sure to cast your vote!

3 Ways to Vote for 3 Separate Pi(e)s!

Pie #1: Early Voting - Opens 3/7/18 @ 8am; Closes 3/14/18 @ 6pm

Pie #2: Vote in person at Fellini's Candler Park on Pi(e) Day! (3/14 @ 6pm-8:30pm) - All 4 of our contestants and other faces you might recognize will be there!  Come armed with cash or credit card to make your vote count! You will be up close and personal for each of the Pi(e)s!

Pie #3: Vote via Facebook Live on Pi(e) Day! (3/14 @ 6pm-8:30pm) - Vote from the comfort of your couch using the donate button on our FB Live Post.  Details on how to make your vote count via Facebook Live are below!  

For All Voting Options:
$5 = 1 vote

1. Click on the donate button on the Facebook Live Video
2. Complete the donation process through Facebook (make sure donation(s) are in $5 increments)
3. Return to the Facebook Live Video
4. Comment on Facebook Live Video: “I donated $____ and vote for _________! (clown)"

*Votes will NOT be counted until the donor has commented on the Facebook Live Video.
*Votes will be counted in the order that the comments appear as viewed by HA! administration.

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