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LAUGHTER for the Soul

a workshop for professionals working in serious environments

This workshop focuses on encouraging participants to embrace laughter as a healing tool in one’s personal and professional life.

Through a combination of games, exercises, and discussion this workshop brings to life the benefits of laughter, how to maximize laughter opportunities and rejuvenate one’s sense of play, and the idea of laughter as a healing tool and coping strategy. 

The intention is that participants leave this session feeling energized and confident as well as feeling as though they have permission to laugh, play, and have fun in life — and that those things can release tension, stress, and anxiety making life ‘easier’.

CONNECTING with your Audience (Client)

a workshop for professionals who must communicate one-on-one with their customer

This workshop focuses on providing the participant with the physical and social tools for clearer and more authentic communication.

Though a combination of games, exercises, observation, and discussion, this workshop helps the participant become comfortable and confident with open exchange and navigating social barriers. The games and exercises in this workshop are designed to help the participant learn to be fully present, establish trust, listen to the physicality of others and speak clearly with their own. The intention is the participants leave the session a better one-on-one and overall communicator, having tapped into physicality as a communication tool, and found new ways to relax, listen, and observe.


Adding FUN to your Environment

a workshop for organizations who need to recharge their working or social environment 

Infusing your work environment with fun increases productivity, entices your best employees to stay, and motivates them to dedicate more time and creative energy to their jobs.

This workshop focuses on drawing out the fun in individuals and groups. Through a series of games, exercises, and discussion this workshop gives participants permission to have fun in professional and social settings, and prepares them to find and create fun. The intention is that participants leave the session with a desire to actively seek joy/fun in their life and choose fun as a pathway not just an outcome.

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