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Humorology Atlanta, HA! is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering hospitalized children through playful distraction.  Our professional Clown Doctors offer therapeutic fun by bringing relief and joy to patients, families, and staff through the art of clowning.



Humorology Atlanta, HA! is an organization of 11 professional performers. Our clown doctors, (Humorologists) bring theraputic fun to three campuses of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta: Egleston, Scottish Rite and Hughes Spalding. Our goal is to empower patients, parents and medical staff through the power of play and laughter. Our Humorologists specialize in the art of clowning, using juggling, music, mime and clownish play. Currently Humorology Atlanta, HA! has a pair of performers doing rounds at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta locations eight times each week.

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